This year, Wrapped will be a story of gratitude and resilience. We’ll tell the story of a resilient world made of resilient communities, that powered through unprecedented challenges (and for some, 400+ year-old injustices) in a year that seemed to never end. And how audio was one tool that strengthened and connected those paths of resiliency.
We’ll show gratitude to not just the artists, podcasters and fans that helped get us through, but the people in our lives—both near and far—who were our support system during trying times.
And we’ll take this gratitude and this resilience to focus our energy not only on learning from 2020, but making sure 2021 (and ‘22, and ‘23, and ‘24…) are better years to come.

That’s why we created a design system that can help us depict it. Where the message is the hero and images work as a visual anchor. Capturing the resilient spirit, weirdness, messiness, and non-sense of 2020.



Brand & Creative | Spotify



Spotify Team:
Carlo Michelangelo Luetto / Global Brand Design Director

William Oswin / Sr Designer
Dan Brill / Group Creative Director 
Christy Motch / Brand Manager
Mel Eisen / Brand Manager
Lauren Solomon / Head of Global Brand
Alex Bodman / VP, Global Executive Creative Director


20200812_W2020_Design_Discovery_Will&Carlo copy.001
20200812_W2020_Design_Discovery_Will&Carlo copy.002
20200812_W2020_Design_Discovery_Will&Carlo copy.003
20200812_W2020_Design_Discovery_Will&Carlo copy.004
20200812_W2020_Design_Discovery_Will&Carlo copy.005
20200812_W2020_Design_Discovery_Will&Carlo copy.006
20200812_W2020_Design_Discovery_Will&Carlo copy.007
20200812_W2020_Design_Discovery_Will&Carlo copy.008
20200812_W2020_Design_Discovery_Will&Carlo copy.016
20200812_W2020_Design_Discovery_Will&Carlo copy.017
20200812_W2020_Design_Discovery_Will&Carlo copy.019
20200812_W2020_Design_Discovery_Will&Carlo copy.020
20200812_W2020_Design_Discovery_Will&Carlo copy.021
20200812_W2020_Design_Discovery_Will&Carlo copy.022
20200812_W2020_Design_Discovery_Will&Carlo copy.023
20200812_W2020_Design_Discovery_Will&Carlo copy.024
20200812_W2020_Design_Discovery_Will&Carlo copy.025
20200812_W2020_Design_Discovery_Will&Carlo copy.027
20200812_W2020_Design_Discovery_Will&Carlo copy.028
20200812_W2020_Design_Discovery_Will&Carlo copy.032
20200812_W2020_Design_Discovery_Will&Carlo copy.034
20200812_W2020_Design_Discovery_Will&Carlo copy.036
20200812_W2020_Design_Discovery_Will&Carlo copy.037
20200812_W2020_Design_Discovery_Will&Carlo copy.038
20200812_W2020_Design_Discovery_Will&Carlo copy.039
20200812_W2020_Design_Discovery_Will&Carlo copy.040
20200812_W2020_Design_Discovery_Will&Carlo copy.041
20200812_W2020_Design_Discovery_Will&Carlo copy.042
20200812_W2020_Design_Discovery_Will&Carlo copy.043
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