June 2nd, 2020 > Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and Amazon unite in support of Blackout Tuesday. Pledging their support for Blackout Tuesday (also called “Black Out Tuesday”) with special playlists, moments of silence, and social media blackouts. The campaign was aimed at protesting police violence and racism as well as honoring George Floyd, whose death at the hands of police has sparked universal outcry and demonstrations in US cities and around the world.

We created a whole black-out system both across the spotify platform and our main OOH placements. 



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Spotify Team:
Carlo Michelangelo Luetto / Global Brand Design Director

Doug Richard / Editorial Design Lead
Oriel Davis-Lyons / CD Copy
Rasmus Wangelin / Global Head of Design 
Lauren Solomon / Head of Global Brand
Alex Bodman / VP, Global Executive Creative Director


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